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Cessna 172 Skyhawks

The original 172 Skyhawk was built in large numbers from 1956 to 1986. Marketed as "Everyman's Airplane", the 172 was a step-up airplane for the first-time owner. As a training aircraft, the 172 has proven to be every bit as rugged and dependable as the 150s. With higher cruise speeds, larger cabin, and four seats, the 172 is great for economical, comfortable travel.


N13081 is a 172M that returned to the Eagle East fleet in 2002.
Registration N13081
Make Model Cessna 172M
Year 1974
Color White/Green
HP 150 HP Lycoming
Avionics GTN 650 GPS Nav/Com 1, MX 170B Nav/Com 2, ADF, Transponder, four place intercom, PTT
Rate $165/hr Solo, $230/hr Dual

N2462T is the newest plane in our fleet. If nice new seats and shiny paint put you or your passengers at ease,

62T is your bet. IFR certified with dual vacuum pumps.Cruises about 115 knots.

Registration N2462T
Make Model Cessna 172R
Year 2000
Color White/Brown
HP 160 HP Lycoming
Avionics GTN 650 GPS Nav/Com1, KX 155 Nav/Com2, ADF, Transponder, four place intercom, PTT
Rate $165/hr Solo, $230/hr Dual



Registration N1995T
Make Model Piper PA-28-180
Year 1971
Color White/Blue
HP 180 HP Lycoming
Avionics MX 170B Nav/com, Transponder, Four place intercom, PTT
Rate $165/hr Solo, $230/hr Dual



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